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Title: Settlement, Urbanization and population
Authors: Alan Bowman Andrew Wilson
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: oxford university press
Description: This volume is the second to be published in the series Oxford Studies on the Roman Economy, and, likewise, the second originating in the research programme entitled The Economy of the Roman Empire: Integration, Growth and Decline, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in 2005–10 and directed by the Series Editors. Its predecessor, Quantifying the Roman Economy: Methods and Problems (ed. A. K. Bowman and A. I. Wilson, 2009) included in its Preface an account of the general aims and character of the research programme that is applicable to the present volume and therefore need not be repeated here. This volume focuses on settlement, population, and urbanization. Earlier versions of most of the chapters were delivered as papers at a conference held in Oxford in September 2007. Simon Keay, Graeme Earl, Peter Attema and Tymon de Haas were not able to attend that conference but we are very grateful to them and John Hanson for supplying written texts for inclusion in this volume. For this volume, we have not thought it appropriate to include texts of responses made to the papers at the conference, but we encouraged authors to take those comments into account in preparing their final version; we hope that the introduction also reflects the reaction to the papers as presented at the conference.
ISBN: 978–0–19–960235–3
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