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Title: China’s New Urbanization Strategy
Authors: Wang Mengkui, Chen Yuan
Peter Nolan, Dong Fureng
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Routledge
Description: Advancing the process of urbanization is a necessary part of furthering China’s social and economic development. ‘Urbanization’ symbolizes how civilizations progress in general, but it also serves as the concentrated expression of a country’s overall strength and international competitiveness. In modern societies, urbanization lies at the heart of social and economic development. All national governments now fi nd that a key part of their mission is to nurture and improve the competitiveness of their cities. China, at this specifi c stage in building up the country, recognizes the way in which urbanization has a unique and substantive role to play in development. Urbanization is an important engine of socioeconomic growth within the country itself, but is also highly signifi cant in terms of global economic development. It is a great honor for the China Development Bank to be participating as a leading partner in the publication of this China Development Report 2010 . Organized and prepared by the China Development Research Foundation, the Report presents in vivid fashion the importance and the orientation of China’s future urbanization. It calls for a ‘strategy for a new form of urbanization that enhances the overall development of human beings’. As such, the Report is thought-provoking and forward-thinking in its approach. The approach is built on a solid foundation of research that has been conducted by highly regarded authorities, organized into teams by subject areas. While also drawing on international experience, their research has explored the applicability of all aspects, features, and objectives of ‘urbanization’ to China’s specifi c circumstances.
ISBN: 978-0-203-07493-0
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