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Title: Impact of Urbanization on Water Shortage in Face of Climatic Aberrations
Authors: Mrinmoy Majumder
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Springer
Description: The availability of water is under stress due to increase in population density, number of industries, degradation in quality of water and impact of climate change. The uneven distribution of water within different regions of the world is also attributed to be one of the reasons why water is scarce in many countries, whereas in some other countries the resource is so abundant that it is wasted for luxury. Moreover, the available resources of water is not optimally utilized. The method of water allocation followed in many countries has no specific rules or regulations. Allocation is carried out based on demand from consumers. In most countries distribution of water happens in a uniform manner without consideration of demand, socio-economic capacity or any other attributes of a consumer. Thus the consumer with a low demand is allocated the same amount of water as a high-demand consumer. In this manner, a lot of water is either wasted or remains non-utilized. Also, there are no specific methods to monitor and track the availability of water. There are some indicators developed in this aspect but they have many limitations.
ISBN: 978-981-4560-73-3
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