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Title: Economic Growth, Poverty, and Household Welfare in Vietnam
Authors: Paul Glewwe Nisha Agrawal David Dollar
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: WORLD BANK
Description: This volume offers a very broad array of studies of Vietnam’s economy and society in the 1990s. It begins with four chapters on Vietnam’s economic performance, each focusing on a different topic: macroeconomic growth, wage labor markets, household enterprises, and agriculture. Of course, economic growth can take many forms, with widely differing consequences for poverty reduction. The next three chapters focus on poverty reduction in the 1990s, examining the impact (or lack thereof) of various poverty programs, the spatial distribution of poverty, and poverty among ethnic minorities. The next five chapters examine health and education outcomes. Three chapters on health consider child survival, child nutrition, and use of health care services, and two chapters on education cover basic trends in enrollment and financing and the factors that determine school progress and academic achievement. The last three chapters examine topics of particular interest in Vietnam: child labor, economic mobility, and interhousehold transfers. As a whole, this book constitutes a comprehensive study of economic and social development in Vietnam in the 1990s.
ISBN: 0-8213-5543-0
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