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Title: The Nature of Economic growth: An alternative framework for understanding the performance of Nations
Authors: A.P. Thirlwall, Edward Elgar
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Edward Elgar
Description: This short book has arisen out of a series of lectures and seminars that I gave at the National University of Mexico in September 2000. They, in turn, were based on a selection of lectures I have been giving for a long time at the University of Kent to students studying for a Master’s degree in development economics. The fact that the lectures were given to graduate students, however, does not mean that the book will not be intelligible to others, including undergraduates and practitioners in the development field. First of all, the basic principles of growth and development theory are not that difficult to grasp by anyone with a willingness and interest to learn, and secondly, following the dictum of Alfred Marshall (the great 19th-century Cambridge economist), I have tried to translate theoretical models expressed in mathematics into words.
ISBN: 1 84064 864 3
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