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Title: Room to Manoeuvre? Mining, biodiversity and protected areas
Authors: Izabella Koziell and Eileen Omosa
Keywords: Environment
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: IIED
Description: This paper provides a brief analysis of some of the dilemmas surrounding the issue of whether or not to mine in or around areas of valuable biodiversity. It also presents some suggestions on a way forward, whilst acknowledging that there are still many information gaps, uncertainties and differences of opinion. The information contained in this paper has been taken from the debates and written material compiled under the ‘Mining and Biodiversity’ process of IIED’s Mining Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) project. Two workshops with stakeholders from different groups across the world were held under this process, in June and October 2001 which were supported by a series of technical papers1 and literature reviews. As part of the process, two papers were particularly influential in steering the discussions and influencing the content of this paper and the MMSD discussions. One by David Richards, Principal Environment Adviser, of Rio Tinto plc and the other by Professor Adrian Phillips, Senior Adviser to IUCN. Both papers discussed mining, biodiversity and protected areas issues from mining and then from conservation perspectives.2
ISBN: 1 84369 468 9
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