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Authors: Martin Purvis and Alan Grainger
Keywords: Earthscan
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Earthscan
Description: This book is the product of a collaborative effort amongst geographers who are past and present colleagues at the University of Leeds to counter the relative neglect of geographical perspectives in previous research into sustainable development, and to indicate some possible directions for future research. As editors we would particularly like to thank the colleagues who have contributed to this volume for their intellectual input to the project. Other members of the School of Geography have also played an important part in the development of the ideas represented here. In particular, we must single out Adrian MacDonald and David Preston for their valued contributions and advice at the outset of our discussions about sustainable development. It is also a pleasure to record our gratitude to the School of Geography for its financial support of the original research upon which some of the present chapters are based. Staff at Earthscan have been unfailingly patient and supportive since the inception of the project and in this context we extend particular thanks to Jonathan Sinclair Wilson.
ISBN: 1-85383-472-6
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