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Title: Changing the face of the waters: The Promise and Challenge of Sustainable Aquaculture
Authors: Kieran Kelleher
Keywords: Water Development
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Water Development
Description: This study provides strategic orientations and recommendations for Bank client countries and suggests approaches for the Bank’s role in a rapidly chang- ing industry with high economic potential. It identifies priorities and options for policy adjustments, catalytic investments, and entry points for the Bank and other investors to foster environmentally friendly, wealth-creating, and sustainable aquaculture. The audience to which this study is addressed includes client countries’ pol- icy and decision makers in aquaculture, fisheries, and natural resource manage- ment, as well as individuals addressing poverty issues, agriculture development, and environmental protection. The target audience also includes food industry and food trade professionals, the scientific community, development partners, and persons engaged in human capacity development for aquaculture
ISBN: 978-0-8213-7016-2
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