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Title: Images of the Future City: Time and Space For Sustainable development
Authors: Mattias Höjer Anders Gullberg Ronny Pettersson
Keywords: Local Development
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Springer
Description: This book intends to investigate if, and if so how the city will be able to attain sustainability in 50 years or perhaps even longer. Six images of possible futures for a sustainable city, using Greater Stockholm as reference are created in the book. These images satisfy the criteria for sustainable development formulated on these pages. The different images of the future reflect variances in the design of the urban space and the households’ time use. Our definition of a sustainable city is one in which the households can live a socially and economically tolerable life without therefore generating a higher resource utilization than what the globe can endure in the long run. Our second question concerns if the city and city life can change so as to satisfy these requirements for sustainable development. Our third and last question concerns the conditions necessary in order to realize the development of the type described in our images of the future – what are the obstacles, what the conditions to defeat these and what the possibilities in both the short and long run to support such development tendencies?
ISBN: 978-94-007-0653-8
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