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Title: Palm Oil and Protest
Other Titles: An Economic History of the Ngwa Region, South-Eastern Nigeria, 1800-1980
Authors: J. D. Y. Peel
Susan M., Martin
J. M. Lonsdale,
Keywords: Palm-oil industry — Nigeria — history — 20th century
Issue Date: 1988
Publisher: Cambridge
Description: he dominant themes in rural West African economic history during the past two hundred years are usually held to be the impact of capitalism and colonialism.1 This study began as an attempt to follow convention, in exploring the colonial-period history of a region which was heavily involved in cash cropping. But during the research and writing, the region itself, and the Ngwa people, took hold of the author's loyalties and imagination. The result is a history of the Ngwa people which shows how the economic opportunities open to them were influenced by the local environment and by the social structures which they created, as well as by the economic and political changes wrought by outsiders. The interaction between local and external causes of change is explored in detail for the period between the First and Second World Wars, and shown to have continued up to the present day.
ISBN: 978-0-521-02557-7
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