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Title: G ender and the d igital e conomy
Authors: mitter, swasti
Keywords: technology—Economic
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: sage publications
Description: This book is not oblivious to the negative consequences of ICT-led development. However, it wants to alert the readers to the positive aspects of the introduction of ICTs. Several scholars and activists have raised concerns about the problems associated with the information society, especially the masculine nature of ICTs, the patriarchal structure within which ICTs are introduced, feminization of low-skill ICT jobs, the unequal gendered access to technological education, and the degradation and devaluation of women employed in certain sectors (Ghosh, 2004; Gothoskar, 2000; Lie, 1991; Stanworth, 1998; Wajcman, 1991). There are others who have pointed out some of the benefits that ICTs have brought to women in developing countries and how women themselves have negotiated gender relations at the household and community levels (Kelkar and Nathan, 2002; Jamie Lee, 2004).
ISBN: 0–7619–3410–3
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