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Title: Religion in World History
Other Titles: The persistence of imperial communion
Authors: John C., Super
Briane K., Turley
Keywords: History–Religious aspects
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Routledge
Description: This book inquires into the relationship between religion and history. It grapples with the manifestations of religion in the cultural and political realms of the human experience. We approach the subject as historians, but not in the way that Arnold Toynbee did in his An Historian’s Approach to Religion (1956). We are less concerned with religion and the theological and philosophical problems associated with it than with the easily observable expressions of religion in history. Religion is much like a sailboat, tacking back and forth across the pages of the past. The keel and ballast are hidden, the rigging and sails visible. All are important, but our concern is with the rigging and the trim of the sails, and the way that the boat moves back and forth
ISBN: 0–415–31458–5
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