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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Zakim and Boyer’s Hepatology:Sanyal, Arun J
2010ZambesiProfessors Charles Withers,; Paul Nugent,; Kenneth King; Lawrence, Dritsas; Robert Mayhew
2004Zambia: public expenditure management and financial accountability reviewWorld Bank
2005Zdenek Kopals Binary Star LegacyDrechsel, Horst
2005Zdenek Koppel’s Binary Star LegacyDrechsel, Horst
2009Zen and the Meditative Transformations of ConsciousnessH. Austin, James
2008The Zen in Modern CosmologySing Lam, Chi
2008Zentrale Marketing-Aspekte im Public Health-CareDressler, Matthias
2009Zeolite Characterization and CatalysisChester, Arthur W
2016Zeolites in Sustainable ChemistryXiao, Feng-Shou; Meng, Xiangju
2018Zeptosecond Dynamics of Transfer‐Triggered BreakupJennifer Cook, Kaitlin
2012Zero-Carbon Energy Kyoto 2011Yao, Takeshi
2007Zero-valent iron reactive materials for hazardous waste and inorganics removalLo, Irene M. C.; Surampalli, Rao Y.
2006Zero-Valentiron Reactive Materials for Hazardous Waste and In Organics RemovalC. Lo, Irene M.
2008Zeta Functions of Groups and RingsSautoy, Marcus du; Woodward, Luke
2018Zic family Evolution, Development and DiseaseAruga, Jun
2017Zika Virus Infection Risk of Spreading in EuropeDíaz-Menéndez, Marta
2001Zim A Baseball LifeZimmer, Don
2018Zimbabwean Communities in BritainRoy, Christopher
2016Zinc Deficiency Etiology , Screening Methods and Health ImplicationsMorton, Rebecca