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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009V O L U M E O N E Second Edition Handbook of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Formulations Compressed Solid ProductsNiazi, SarfarazK.
1994The V Varieties of Orthographic KnowledgeVirginia Wise, Berninger
2008V-Invex Functions and Vector OptimizationKant Mishra, Shashi; Wang, Shouyang
2010V-LearningAnnetta, Leonard A.
2018Vaccination in AmericaAltenbaugh, Richard J.
2007Vaccine AnxietiesLeach, Melissa
2007Vaccine Anxieties Global Science, Child Health and SocietyLeach, Melissa
9/15/2020Vaccine Delivery Technology_Methods and Protocols-
11/22/2021Vaccine Design Methods and Protocols-
12/11/2021Vaccine Design Methods and Protocols, Volume 3 Resources-
2016Vaccine Design:Thomas, Sunil
2016Vaccine Technologies for Veterinary Viral Diseases Methods and ProtocolsBrun, Alejandro
2017Vaccines for Invasive Fungal InfectionsKalkum, Markus
2018Vaccines for Invasive Fungal InfectionsSemis, Margarita
2009Vaccines for Pandemic InfluenzaCompans, Richard W.
1999Vaccines: from Concept to Clinic a Guide to the Development and Clinical Testing of Vaccines for Human UsePaoletti, Lawrence C.
2004Vaccinia Virus and Poxvirology Methods and ProtocolsIsaacs, Stuart N.
2014Vacuum Drying for Extending Food Shelf-LifeRichter Reis, Felipe
2000vademecum Endocrine SurgeryPrinz, Richard A., M.D
2006Vaginal Surgery for Incontinence and ProlapseZimmern, Philippe E.