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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001THE Q&A SERIESAquino, Tracey
2003Q&A Series Constitutional and Administrative LawFenwick, Helen; Phillipson, Gavin
2003Q&A Series Constitutional And Administrative Law Fourth Edition Fourth EditionFenwick, Helen
2003Q&A Series Contract LawStone, Richard
2005QCD and Numerical Analysis III Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Numerical Analysis and Lattice QCD, Edinburgh, June–July 2003Boriçi, Artan; Frommer, Andreas
2016QCD Higher-Order Effects and Search for New PhysicsWang, Jian
2015QCD Radiation in Top-Antitop and Z+Jets Final StatesJoshi, Kiran
2013QCM-D Studies on Polymer Behavior at Interfaces-
2006Qing-Yun Jiang Court Delay and Law Enforcement in Chin a Civil process and economic perspectiveSchafer, Hans-Bernd
2017QoE management in wireless networksWang, Ying
2017QoE Management in Wireless NetworksYing, Wang
2017QoS and energy management in cognitive radio network : case study approachMishra, Vishram
2017"QoS and Energy Management in Cognitive Radio Network Case Study Approach"Mishra, Vishram; Mathew, Jimson
2002QoS in integrated 3G networksLloyd-Evans, Robert
1993QSARKubinyi, Hugo; Mannhold, Raimund; Larsen, Povl Krogsgaard
2014Qua Ntumeffectsin BiologyY. Oma R, M . M Ohseni
2016Quadrilingual Education in SingaporeSilver, Rita Elaine
1999The Quadripartite Mathematical Treatise, or "Tetrabiblos," of Claudius Ptolemy-
2018Quadrophenia and Mod(ern) CultureThurschwell, Pamela
2006Quadrupedal LocomotionGonzalez, Pablo