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Title: Russian Society and the Orthodox Church
Authors: Knox, Zoe
Keywords: Church and state–Soviet Union
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: RoutledgeCurzon
Description: This book examines the Russian Orthodox Church’s social and political role and its relationship to civil society in postcommunist Russia. It shows how Orthodox prelates, clergy and laity have shaped Russians’ attitudes towards religious and ideological pluralism, which in turn have influenced the ways in which Russians understand civil society, including those ofits features – pluralism and freedom of conscience – that are essential for a functioning democracy. It demonstrates how the non-official church, including nonconformist clergy and lay activists, has contributed to the construction of civil society, while the governing body ofthe Church, the Moscow Patriarchate, has at times impeded the development ofcivil society.
ISBN: 0-203-01453-7
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