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Title: Facets of Globalization
Authors: Shahid Yusuf Simon Evenett Weiping Wu
Keywords: International and Local Dimensions of Development
Issue Date: 2001
Publisher: The World Bank
Description: The team responsible for the World Development Report 1999/2000 commissioned a number of papers to map the major fields covered in the report. The purpose of this was to synthesize significant findings from recent research and to explore issues that were likely to loom large in the early 21st century. These papers by leading specialists were reviewed at workshops in Washington D.C., Tokyo, and Singapore and served as some of the building blocks for the report. However, from the outset we saw these papers as having a life of their own—independent of the report—so that all those with an interest in local and global dynamics could draw upon the ideas and information presented in them. This companion volume to the World Development Report contains a selection of those papers that relate to urbanism in an increasingly integrated world environment. All the papers in this volume were extensively revised and edited prior to publication. We greatly appreciate the effort put in by each of the authors in revising their contributions and working closely with us through the lengthy editing process. The research in these papers, the convening of the workshops, and the publication of this volume were supported by a Population and Human Resources Development Grant from the government of Japan. This financial assistance was enormously valuable throughout the preparation of the World Development Report. It helped widen the knowledge base of the report by providing a rich source of feedback through the workshops, and the grant has enabled us to make these papers available to a wide readership.
ISBN: 0-8213-4742-X
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